Dinosaurs + cartoons = dinosaur cartoons! The Dinosaur Cartoons book, Dinosaur Cartoons by Charley Parker. Dinosaur humor at is peak. Cartoon dinosaurs run amok. Web cartoons about dionsaurs and other prehistoric animals. Prehysterical dinosaur jokes and funny dinosaurs. Dinosaur cartoons and dinosaur humor by Charley Parker, creator of Argon Zark! Wonderful and funny!


Dinosaur Cartoons

Dinosaur Cartoons

"Dinosaur Cartoons is a hilarious collection of over 100 dinosaur-themed cartoons drawn and captioned by Charley Parker. Every one of them is good for a chuckle and a smile every time. Delightful in its whimsy and its sassy drawings, Dinosaur Cartoons is a superb giftbook for dinosaur fans and paleontology enthusiasts of all ages! "
- Midwest Book Review

It's prehysterical!
An entire collection of the funniest dinosaur cartoons since the late Jurassic! More than 100 laugh-out-loud dinosaur cartoons!

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